Individual ventilation

Different needs
Individual ventilation leads fresh air directly to the office desk or workstation. The individual employee can therefore adjust the airflow according to their own needs. The fresh air is led to the users via a small adjustable table unit, which is connected to a central or decentralized ventilation system – it can be through a wall, floor or ceiling socket.

Fresh air and low energy costs
With individual ventilation, you avoid mixing with the existing air, which can be contaminated with CO2, bacteria, evaporations and particles. The user gets fresh and clean outdoor air at the office space, which can improve the working environment and thereby reduce sickness absence. This efficient ventilation requires only small amounts of air and has very low energy consumption.

Individual ventilation is based on research from Technical University of Denmark
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Table unit in powder coated steel is available with a ball joint in black, chrome or brass. Available in a wide range of RAL colors. Examples are gray / black and black / brass.
The tube is flexible and made of 100% wool with an inner silicone coating. Available in a variety of selected colors and shades.

ILUFT is a design company with sustainability in focus. We’re an integral part of the process from design to finished product, using local companies in the production when possible – and it is our goal to have our products partly produced by recycled materials.

We had some very energetic and bustling days at Building Green Copenhagen 1st and 2nd of November.

Mathilde Ridder-Nielsen
Founder and Creative Director

Mie Bjerre
Associated Partner